VIFLY Strobe - FAA Drone Strobe Light

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1. 3+ Miles Visibility, Meets FAA Rules

VIFLY Strobe installs 5*3W Hi-intensity LEDs which provide the greatest range available for a mini strobe. 3+ Miles visibility that meets the FAA rules for night flying.

2. Super Light-weight

Weighs only 6 grams that almost no impact to your drone’s weight and flight time.

3. Fits All Drones

Compact size and light weight makes VIFLY Strobe easily installed on any drones like DJI Mini 3 Pro, Mini 2, Air 2s, Mavic 3, etc.

4. Super Easy Installation

With the 3M dual lock in the package, you can easily install VIFLY strobe on your drones like mounting it on the top/bottom or bundling it at the leg of your drone.

5. Long Working Time

Built-in 160mAh battery provides run-time up to 4 hours, according to indicator you can recharge your drone strobe at any time.



Weight 5.9g
Working Time 4 hours (Strobe Mode)
LEDs 3pcs White / 1pc Red / 1pc Green
Visibility 3+ Miles
Charging Voltage 4.5-5.5V
Charging Port Type-C
Charging Time 1.5 hours
Size 28*15*12 mm
Light Modes White LED Strobe (default mode) → White LED Flash → White LED Solid → Red LED Strobe → Red LED Flash → Red LED Solid→ Green LED Strobe → Green LED Flash → Green LED Solid → All LEDs Strobe



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Would recommend

Extremely bright and easy to use. Using on a Mini 4 Pro with a plastic front arm mount and the weight is enough to cause drifting. Using Velcro and mounting it directly to the base eliminates this issue.

Marc Lewis Boykin
Exceptional Value

Both the VIFLY Standard and Platinum Strobe Lights are strategic components of my DJI Mini 3 Pro and Mini 4 Pro, providing exceptional visibility during daylight and nighttime flights. VIFLY’s customer service is equally exceptional, making the customer experience worthy of a 5⭐️ rating.

Nearly blinded myself :)

Great little light, however you might want to include instructions to NOT cut the plastic wrapper off. Your pix show the unit with no wrapper, so naturally I cut it off. I had to reattach it once I looked closer at the pix of it mounted on an actual drone

Wilson Zambonino
Mavic air 2

Nice lights very bright great for night flights.

Awesome Drone Lighting!

Super bright and easy to use! Great product to help keep your drone visible. Very small and light weight!