VIFLY Finder V2 - FPV Racing Drone Buzzer

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1. Advanced ViSense Technology

With ViSense-based technology, the VIFLY Finder 2 can power itself to beep even the quad battery has been ejected. Even more, the built-in light sensor can detect light intensity and then smartly control the LED light to flash. Besides, it enables the buzzer automatically enter into sleep mode at night to save power and not disturb.

2. Much Louder than Standard Buzzer

To easily find the lost drone in long distance, the VIFLY Finder 2 buzzer is designed to install a very loud beeper that the volume can be up to 110 dB.

3. Two Options to Disarm the Buzzer

Option 1, Disarm with button: Disconnect main battery, hold disarm button on VIFLY Finder 2 for 1-5 seconds then release.

Option 2, Disarm with main battery: Disconnect main battery, then connect main battery for 3-6 seconds and disconnect it again.

It will beep 3 times when disarmed successfully.

4. Compatible with Both FPV quadcopter and RC Airplane

VIFLY finder 2 is programmed to be compatible with any flight controllers to support FPV quad, and receivers for RC airplane. No extra setting required, it will automatically recognize the device to connect.



Item weight

5 Grams

Battery type

80mAh LiPo

Battery capacity

0.3 Watt Hours

Are battery included


Product dimensions

0.94"L x 0.63"W x 0.51"H


Up to 110 dB

Working time

Up to 30 hours

Product size

22x13x16 mm



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Christopher Bourez
Very good product and service

I put it on all my drones

Sieghart Keller
Its not working for my RC airplane

It is advertised to work for airplanes, but does not work for me

Works great!

The only issue I had was the wiring cable was too short to reach from the flight controller buzzer pads to the rear of my Skyeliner based frame quad. Fortunately I had a connector kit that matched ViFly's cable and it had much longer wires.

It's also really nice to have the buzzer function on my quad. Using the ESC misses a lot of status sounds that Betaflight provides.


Larry Mendes
Units Received do not work on DJI

I ordered 3 units and they came with wires to plug into the drone power system.
DJI has nowhere to plug these devices into.
I may have made a mistake during the ordering process because I already have an older Vifly unit for another drone that is self powered and is charged using a USB connection.
I have contacted Vifly a little over a week ago and am waiting for instructions to see if I can return these and get them exchanged for the wireless self charging units if they are still available.


You bought 3 units VIFLY Finder 2, this model is for FPV racing drone that has the flight controller. For DJI drones, you need to buy our VIFLY Beacon.

You can contact our support team for the replacements arrangement. If not receive it, please check if the email went into your spam folder.

Thanks for your understanding.

Angel L
Loud Beeper!

This thing is loud! It's great for when you crash your quad in tall grass or gets stuck in a tree. The bright light also helps you figure out where the noise is coming from.

Now, when in stalling, I found the cable to be to short from where I wanted to place it. For reference. I build a 3in, stack in center and I wanted the beeper to be Read more about review stating This thing is loud! It'sat the end of the body, included cables to short. I just extended the wires. Everything else tho is awesome. Would buy again