VIFLY WhoopStor - 1S Battery Storage Charger

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1.Storage Charger and Discharger

VIFLY WhoopStor is the first 1S LiPo charger with storage function. It includes both charging and discharging functions. Just select your target voltage (full or storage), it will do it for you automatically, very easy to use.

2. 6 Independent Ports

6 independent charging channels, not necessary to ensure the batteries are all the same voltage and same size. You also can unplug one that's done and plug in another while the others are still charging.

3. OLED Display

VIFLY 1S LiPo charger installs good quality LED screen, all the charging information is displayed clearly, for example, charge current, input voltage, battery voltage, charge status, etc.

4. Type-C, XT60 and DC Input

It supports Type-C, XT60 and DC power input. Type-C used PD and QC protocol that supports fast charge at 9V and 12V, but it not supports regular 5V USB charge.

5. PH2.0 and BT2.0 Connectors

VIFLY 1S LiPo charger pre-soldered 6 BT2.0 connectors and PH2.0 connectors, but don’t charge both BT2.0 and PH2.0 battery in the same port.






Input connector

XT60, DC (5.5*2.1mm), USB-C (PD3.0, QC2.0/3.0, BC1.2)

Input voltage range

7V-25.2V (XT60 2S-6S Battery, DC), 9V/12V(USB-C)

Minimum input power


Max charging current


Support battery connector

PH2.0 & BT2.0

Battery type

LiHV 4.35V (±0.05V) / LiPO 4.2V(±0.05V)

Storage voltage


Max discharge power




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice whoop battery charger!

I like how simple the charger is to use. Set it for normal or HV and storage or charge and then short press the button to set the charge rate. I used 0.3A for my 300mah packs.

They light up red while charging and the light goes out when it is done. When storage charging / discharging the light is yellow.

You can't do different operations / charge rates per port but that isn't a huge deal with 1s packs.

I charged 4x packs without issue from a USB power bank powering the charger via the included USB cable.

Does everything needed in a 1s charger including storage charge

I have had many 1s chargers and finally this is the one that does it all. The three unique features I really like are:
1) I can see the voltage of all batteries being charged without have to scroll through them or hitting a button to make them show up. This is key when racing and running low on batteries, can grab one that close enough to finish a race.
2) It can discharge 1s batteries, no longer need a special board and device to discharge 1s batteries, this is a huge feature.
3) It has three power inputs, xt60, 2.1mm dc input or USB, I always have at least one of these on hand.

The {PH2.0/BT2.0 feature is nice also if I ever go to BT 2.0 batteries.
This is the last 1s charger you will need, it does it all.

Works great

Bought this due to it having a USB C input, it works well, I can charge batteries using my USB C PD Chargers, also has an xt60 input for using 2-5s batteries but I'll probably just use the type C input.
Very well made and good quality.
Storage charging is a nice feature as well.
So far I've charged the Happymodel and NBD Nitro Nectar 1s 300mah.
Instructions call for a minimum of USB C 30W input power but Works with my 15w Type C brick and 60w Type C brick. If you go 15 watt you may be limited to how many batteries you can charge simultaneously but I haven't tested it.

The Toolman
Love this little charger!

My name is Toolman and I'm an abuser of 1S Lipos. It's true. I religiously put a storage charge on my larger batteries but the small ones I don't. Why? Because up until now, I didn't have a 1S charger that would also do a storage charge. Enter the ViFly WhoopStor. This amazing little charger will charge PH 2.0 & BT 2.0 batteries like most others but it will also put a storage charge on them! Yahoo! Operation is simple. Plug in any combination of up to 6 batteries. Set the charge or discharge rate. Set 4.2V or 4.35V and press start. You can power this from USB-C, an XT-60 battery or a standard barrel connector. It automatically turns off if you primary battery gets low too. The handy OLED display tells you the voltage of each battery as well as the input voltage. It displays "OK" for each cell when the operation is complete. You also have multi-color status LEDs for each cell that you can see from a bit away to know the status of the charge or discharge. It is compact at 4" x 2" x 1" too. It really is the perfect little charger. My only complaint is that it doesn't have rubber feet so you have to be careful if using it on a nice desk or table to avoid scratching. I'll add some sick on feet to prevent this. If you don't have one of these, get one!