VIFLY ShortSaver V2 - Smart Smoke Stopper

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1. Completely cut off the current flow and prevent “magic smoke”

For other smoke stoppers like the automotive light-bulb or resettable fuse, they just limit not stop the current flow, the leakage current may still damage your components. VIFLY ShortSaver is a different smoke stopper that adopts the electronic fuse to completely cut off the current into your RC build if a short circuit or wiring mistake is detected.

2. Super-fast reaction/protection time

VIFLY ShortSaver would turn off the power to a device that drew in excess of the switchable 1A or 2A threshold within just 3ms. It is far more effective than the old way of using light-bulb or resetting fuse. The shorter the protection time, the safer your build will be as something make break by the time the fuse trips.

3. Power ON/OFF Switch for Easier Receiver Binding

Holding down the bind button and applying power can be challenging sometimes. The new version of VIFLY ShortSaver added a power on/off switch that can make your receiver binding much more convenient.

4. 1 Amp and 2 Amp Threshold Selector

VIFLY ShortSaver 2 is so smart that there is 1 Amp or 2 Amp threshold selector for your different needs. For small size build with more sensitive electronic components, you can select 1 Amp option, for large builds, 2 Amp option is the choice.

5. Amass XT60 and XT30 In-output Connectors

VIFLY ShortSaver 2 is coming with both Amass XT30 and XT60 connectors, more convenient for your different batteries.



            Size(L x W x H): 42 x 30 x 10 mm
            Connector  XT30 & XT60 (Input and Output)
            Switchable current threshold 1A/2A
            Trip time 3ms (Short-Circuit) / 10ms (Over-Current)
            Input Voltage 7-25V (2-6S)



            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews
            Best Smoke Stopper Out There.

            This smoke stopper is the very best, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, and the most important is it cuts the connection of an overload or short immediately as I have tested this functionality by shorting out a 4s 1500 mAh battery. The second reason it’s the best is you can change the amount of draw it takes to show an overload, it has 3 different draws you can choose from, High , Medium, and Low. It comes with two style plugs, XT-30, and XT-60, input and output. And the very best reason why I love this smoke stopper so much is has an on/off switch for the unit. Anyone that builds quads or anything with a receiver or flight controller knows what a pain it can be to plug the LiPo in while holding down the bind switch. Well with this on, off switch that’s not an issue, plug your LiPo in while it’s turned off, press your bind button, then just click the switch on and if no smoke or sizzle, your bound. Easy Peasy.

            A Must Have for Builders

            Really sweet item. Saved me $150.00 and several hours on first use. Very easy to use, instructions are on the PCB, so they are always with the device(nice touch). A bit of a warning though, the unit will register an "OPEN" if you have a large Capacitor (mine is 10000uF) on the Main. In such a case the Short Saver will act as though it is not working, just wait, when the Cap fills up, the device will operate as intended, or alarm with a fault.

            P K
            Nifty little smoke stopper

            Great for peace of mind or even just powercycling on the bench.

            Collin W
            You Need This for FPV!!!

            If you building or repairing or even just plugging in your brand new Bind And Fly drone, the. You need this. It will save you so much money and headache. I can’t stress it enough. If you don’t have one or something like it, then your going to regret it. Just get this and be happy you don’t have to spend more on something as simple as this that will save you an immense amount of grief. Learn from other’s mistakes, and get out and fly.

            Bill A.
            If you build or repair quads, you will want this.

            I put off buying this because I already have a smoke stopper with the light bulb I always use. I bought this because you could use it for a smaller build with an XT30 too.
            This thing is a winner. It is not only a great smoke stopper but just being able to turn the quad on and off when working on it is something you don't realize you really wanRead more about review stating If you build or repair quads, you will want this.t. The first time you use it to hold a button down and turn on the quad you will think to yourself "I'd pay double what they charged me for this".