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1. Weighs only 2.7g, perfect battery powered drone buzzer for compact build and small drones.

2. The loudest buzzer can be found in this tiny size, the volume can be up to 100dB.
Alarm manually with your radio or beep automatically when the quad battery ejected.

3. Two ways to disarm the buzzer, via the button on the buzzer or plug-in-out the quad battery.

4. Be compatible with FPV racing drone and fixed-wing quad.


Weight    2.7g
Size   19x11x12 mm
Volume  Up to 100 dB
Working Time   Up to 7 hours
Battery 40mAh LiPo
Light Sensor  No
Applicable models  Compact Size Build



Customer Reviews

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Good quality

Wired Units, Don't work on DJI Drones

I ordered 3 units and they came with wires to plug into the drone power system.
DJI has nowhere to plug these devices into.
I may have made a mistake during the ordering process. I say this because I already have an older Vifly unit for another drone that is self powered and is charged using a USB connection.
I love the ViFly product because if the drone comes down which can hapen due to many uncontrolable reasons, the drone can always be found if equipped with the ViFly device.
I have contacted Vifly a little over a week ago and am waiting for instructions to see if I can return these and get them exchanged for the wireless self charging units if they are still available.
attached pictures are of old unit attached to drone and the newly received unit.


You bought 3 units VIFLY Finder 2, this model is for FPV racing drone that has the flight controller. For DJI drones, you need to buy our VIFLY Beacon.

You can contact our support team for the replacements arrangement. If not receive it, please check if the email went into your spam folder.

Thanks for your understanding.

Vladyslav Starozhylov
my favorite buzzer throughout couple of years

my favorite buzzer throughout couple of years, extremely recommended