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1. 3+ Miles Visibility, Meets FAA Rules

VIFLY Strobe installs 5*3W Hi-intensity LEDs which provide the greatest range available for a mini strobe. 3+ Miles visibility that meets the FAA rules for night flying.

2. Super Light-weight

Weighs only 6 grams that almost no impact to your drone’s weight and flight time.

3. Fits All Drones

Compact size and light weight makes VIFLY Strobe easily installed on any drones like DJI Mini 3 Pro, Mini 2, Air 2s, Mavic 3, etc.

4. Super Easy Installation

With the 3M dual lock in the package, you can easily install VIFLY strobe on your drones like mounting it on the top/bottom or bundling it at the leg of your drone.

5. Long Working Time

Built-in 160mAh battery provides run-time up to 4 hours, according to indicator you can recharge your drone strobe at any time.



Weight 5.9g
Working Time 4 hours (Strobe Mode)
LEDs 3pcs White / 1pc Red / 1pc Green
Visibility 3+ Miles
Charging Voltage 4.5-5.5V
Charging Port Type-C
Charging Time 1.5 hours
Size 28*15*12 mm
Light Modes White LED Strobe (default mode) → White LED Flash → White LED Solid → Red LED Strobe → Red LED Flash → Red LED Solid→ Green LED Strobe → Green LED Flash → Green LED Solid → All LEDs Strobe



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Customer Reviews

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Bright and light

I ordered the pack of three along with mounts for DJI Mini 3 Pro. All the items are well-made, well-packed, and are in working condition. I haven't yet tested the strobes outside, but everything looks good so far.

The order processing and shipment were extremely fast (around 10 days to Bulgaria).

Blindingly Bright

Ordered the 3 pack. It is blindingly bright. I have to look away when turning it on. I had some left over heavy duty Velcro I used instead of the 3M Velcro included and it holds much better. I decided to Velcro the strobe light to the battery instead of the drone (DJI Mini 3 Pro). We will see how well that works. I fly at sunset and stand on bridges a lot so I Velcro one of the strobe lights to a clip and clipped it to the back of my cap so drivers see me. Hope this review helps.

Better than ARC for a fraction of the cost

Flown ARC lights on my drone almost since day one. The lights are used for every flight, any time of the day or night, so I need brightness good enough for daylight. ARC met that. But these lights exceed it in multiple ways. Vifly has a true winner in my opinion.

So how is it better? First, cost. These are currently about a third the price of the comparable ARC product. But they outperform it with more LEDs, multiple color options, more brightness, and it uses USB C for charging! Yes!

The ARC still uses MicroUSB and is nearly the only thing left in my life still using that boat anchor plug. Vifly gets it. USB-C is a major convenience that would still win even if Vifly wasn't cheaper and better, which it also is.

I'm not sure how I did it, but my Vifly is currently flashing three white LEDs plus a red and green one all at the same time. This is exactly what I always wanted! Port and starboard indicators plus anti collision! This is the light I would make for myself if I had the skill. But Vifly already did it. And it's good.

Cons: some people don't seem to like the 3M mounting tape supplied with the light and I agree. It's not enough. But I already use another 3M Extreme version of the same thing with all my drone lights and never had one issue. It is outstandingly strong and it's possible to suspend the entire drone off just a tiny patch of that stuff. I've also accidentally stuck the drone to a fixed object with that fastener and it took every bit of power the drone had to lift off. It was a real battle.

Yet the lights pop on and off when needed with no effort. 3M Extreme is very highly recommended. If you are using anything else and the fasteners make you nervous, they should. Upgrade your choice and the problem is solved.

The Scottie
Passed a three mile range test at night

I purchased four of these and mounted them on each arm of my Mavic 3 Classic facing outward. I took off on a clear cool night and immediately flew to 384’ in altitude and headed straight west. From my location I had zero obstacles around me for miles and zero clouds. With the Mavic in sport mode I accelerated out in a straight line at 47 miles per hour. I beached 16,000 feet in about four minutes. I was still able to see the two distinct strobes clearly at a bit over 3 miles, I’m sure I could have hit four miles and still seen strobe lights, though I’m not sure how well they would have stood out from the background. I’m confident that these lights meet the FAA standards for drone lights, to be safe I would mount them on all sides of your drone.

Jeff Switch
This dude is brighter than our future

If your needing a strobe for your drone for night flights this is it. DO NOT look at it when you turn it on unless you enjoy looking at the sun.

A huge upside is if you want or require white, red, and green lights but can never remember witch it witch this is your ticket. You can buy this item 3x and be on your way as each light has all 3 colors depending on how your press the button.