NEW VIFLY WhoopStor 3 - 1S Battery Storage Charger and Discharger

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  • 【Storage Charger and Discharger】VIFLY WhoopStor 3 is the first 1S LiPo charger with storage function. It includes both charging and discharging functions. Just select your target voltage, it will do it for you automatically.
  • 【Colorful LCD Screen, Intuitive Interface】VIFLY WhoopStor 3 installs high quality LCD screen, the charging status is displayed clearly and the intuitive interface makes the operation very simple.
  • 【Fast Charge Speed】The charge current range is from 0.3A to 1.3A, you can choose different charge current for different size batteries, it is better to charge the battery with 2C rate.
  • 【6 Independent Ports】6 independent charging channels, not necessary to ensure the batteries are all the same voltage and same size. You also can unplug one that's done and plug in another while the others are still charging.
  • 【Multiple Power Input】It supports Type-C, XT60 and DC power input. Type-C used PD and QC protocol that supports fast charge at 9V and 12V, but it not supports regular 5V USB charge.
  • 【Memory Function】VIFLY WhoopStor 3 added the memory feature of remembering last time settings, no need to set the charge current every time you turn it on.
  • 【Buzzer Indication】VIFLY WhoopStor 3 added the buzzer to beep when one charging circle finished, if you don’t like beeping, you can turn the buzzer off manually.




Weight 140g
Input connector

XT60, DC(5.5*2.1mm), USB-C(PD3.0)

Input voltage range 6V-26V (XT60 2S-6S Battery, DC), 9V-20V (USB-C)
Minimum input power 40W
Max charging current 1.3A/port
Support battery connector PH2.0 & BT2.0
Battery type LiPO 4.20V(±0.05V) / LiHV 4.35V (±0.05V)
Storage voltage

3.80V (±0.05V) / 3.85V (±0.05V)

Max discharge power



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Customer Reviews

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Ricardo Domingues

NEW VIFLY WhoopStor 3 - 1S Battery Storage Charger and Discharger

Žygimantas Jurgelevičius

Great stuff. The size is perfect and the screen is bright and clear enough to work outside.

Jonathon McCarthy
Great product with terrible input requirements

The 40W requirement on startup is an insanely restrictive requirement when, during a 1C charge of 6 normal 300mAh batteries, it only draws a max of 7.5W (measured, not calculated). It is an unnecessary block to being able to charge over USB on a standard portable usb battery bank.

Aside from that, it's a perfect charger. But I'd love to be able to use it on the go more reliably.

Why we request 40w minimum input power? This is physics concepts that 40W is a input power to ensure the maximum charge situation that to charge 6x 1S batteries at the maximum 1.3A charge current at the same time, of course, if you only charge less than 6pcs batteires or the charge current is lower than 1.3A, you can use the input power that less than 40w with no problem.

Gus L
Who was the genius that removed the 0.2A charging current from V2 to V3?

I have a lot of 1S 200mah batteries for my Nano S3 heli and I wanted to keep charging my batteries at 1C (0.2A) but surprisingly some genius decided to remove this current option that was available on the V2 and now the min current is 0.3A on the V3? Why ViFly? We are talking about 1S batteries! 0.1 is great for a slow but healthy charge and very useful for what this charger is designed! small 1S batteries!

We will release a new firmware to add 0.2A option.

Works as intended but build quality dissatisfying

As the title states the charger works as intended and I'm happy with it. Sadly mine came with a screen that is very badly aligned with it's slot. I guess quality control is not a thing because this would definitely not pass it.